I first saw Tanya December 2021, it was without a doubt, the most pivotal moment in my healing journey and arguably the best thing I have ever done for myself. 

I still remember how I felt after my first session, I knew instantly that she was it, the real deal, no BS. The things she told me, I had never told to anyone. They were thoughts and emotions so vulnerable and dark, only I knew they existed. I was never going to let them out.

As soon as that first session was finished, I immediately rebooked, and I knew right then and there I had found it- finally the key to my healing. To say Tanya has saved my life is a gross understatement, she is a blessing beyond worlds.

I at 35 years old never knew what it felt like to love yourself. I knew I was a good person and had a great life but I was never able to look past the negative voices or past traumas, it was so frustrating and infuriating. One day I left Tanyas house after a session and I caught a glimpse of myself in the review mirror. All of a sudden I was hit with this overwhelming feeling of self love. It was penetrating, it was euphoric, it was so foreign. Ever since that day I kept running and never looked back, and can happily report I am genuinely obsessed with myself.

At the beginning of my journey with Tanya we saw each other twice a week routinely and I put in the work, you HAVE to put in the work!!! Now I see her now once a month to maintain the work we have done together.

I am eternally grateful and forever indebted to this woman. I would consider her a close friend and would recommend her to every single person on this planet 10/10. 5 stars. I love you Tanya.




I’ve been attending Reiki sessions with Tanya for over 8 years. It is always an experience that brings me peace, self-compassion, and clarity. Tanya is a truly gifted practitioner. She has a very deep connection with energy and shares it with love and wisdom. Tanya is extremely intuitive. She sees healing as a wholesome process where the body is connected to thoughts and emotions.  Reiki sessions with Tanya always leave me in awe of how energy and Spirit work through us in such powerful and yet subtle ways. I would recommend Reiki sessions with Tanya to anyone who is looking for more balance and connection between body, mind, and soul.

Maryna P.


As if your soul was a physical being receiving a hug from your guardian angel – 14 sessions and counting, Tanya has welcomed me as if I’ve known her my entire life. When you walk in her door you are greeted by one of the kindest souls with the biggest smile that can make anyone smile and feel appreciated.

My first session with Tanya I came in with an open mind knowing nothing or reiki but in desperation of help. After my first session was over I knew in my heart that my life was about to make its biggest shift it has desperately desired for so long.

Through Tanya’s guidance, dependability and knowledge I have continued to come bi-weekly to my “safe place of love and healing” where I have experienced a emotional physical and mental shift in my well-being. Each session I feel safe, I feel no judgement and I feel the energy of positivity and virtue radiating from Tanya.

Through each session I am faced with new suggestions of healing, those may be changes but always changes for the better good. I always look forward to my upcoming sessions and once again, each time I walk through Tanya’s doors my soul is being hugged by my guardian angle.

Cressen F.