Hello Everyone,

For those who do know me, they will know that one of my favorite words is simplicity.  I even like the word simple.  It may not often seem so simple to do, but one can always try to achieve this….simplicity in life.

But maybe a trick in trying to find the simplest way is not to start from the beginning but to look at the end first.  Then work your way backwards in which you will realize there really is a simple way of approaching whatever it is you want to do.  It may even be easier to explain, to understand or even to show when you see the end results first.

Plus sometimes, just taking a breath, stop what your doing and take a look at what you have done.  Because sometimes with all the chaos, we just couldn’t see how simple it really was.  Often there are messages within this simplicity that we are just not seeing.  We have made it so “busy” that our minds become a whirl of buzzing bees, unable to hear, see or do.

But the one thing I have learnt myself, is that simplicity always wins in the end.  Nature is a real teacher in this area, as it teaches us everything we need is right in front of us and all works simply together.

I love this quote by Isaac Newton:

“Nature is pleased with simplicity”